Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Sleep and Sex

Over the past week I have been transitioning from sleeping upright against a pile of pillows to sleeping lying down. It’s not been easy going from ten pillows to just one. I had been sleeping upright for seven weeks and I’d got used to it. Sleeping flat seemed very odd; it felt like my legs were higher than my head. When I woke up after sleeping upright, my neck and legs were very stiff. When I woke up after sleeping flat, my ribs felt like I had been several rounds with a heavyweight boxer. I think it’s because the mattress puts more pressure on your ribs when lying flat and you also move around more in your sleep.

Anyway, I persisted and now I can sleep the whole night lying flat. Despite waking up with sore ribs every couple of hours, I managed to sleep my normal nine hours or so last night. It’s another good step towards normality. Although, I would normally go to sleep on my left side and I can’t do that because of the wound. In the morning I still get up straight away as standing up relieves the accumulated soreness of the night. As the activities of the day inevitably bring tirednesss and soreness, in the afternoons I still go for a nap but I don’t always manage to fall asleep. Sometimes I just rest for an hour or so.

In the sunshine on Sunday, T and I did a three mile loop walk around lanes from the house. Despite the route having several small hills in it, I managed it fine. My breathing already seems better than it was before the op.  I still take Rex on walks down the lane and back twice a day. I’m trying to stop him chasing cars but with limited success. My current strategy is to teach him to come to me when I call ‘here’ and to give him a treat when he does. When a car comes along the lane I shout ‘here’ loudly and once or twice this has interrupted his desire to chase and somewhat hesitantly he has come to me for a treat. A few times he stopped chasing the car when I called and chased his tail in circles in the middle of the road and another time he ran off madly across a field instead.

The blacksmith down the lane has got a new dog, a male short-haired collie called Glen. The first time they met Glen jumped up and placed his front paws around Rex’s neck and began to lick and bite him playfully. Rex eagerly did the same back to him. There was plenty of growling. Then Glen mounted Rex from behind and began to pump away at his arse with his little red willy out. After a while, Rex leapt on Glen from behind and began to pump away at him. But Rex didn’t have his willy out and was also pumping away at Glen’s thigh rather than his arse. Methinks Rex is a little more innocent than Glen, but he has discovered sex and each time we walk down the lane he keenly looks out for Glen. The blacksmith now calls them ‘the lovebirds’.


  1. Glad to hear you're starting to get a decent night's sleep. Deep sleep is such a healing and wonderful thing.

    Laughed out loud at the next piece on your technique to stop Rex chasing cars - Carchase interruptis, it might be called! As for your writing about the thrilling encounters of "Glex" funny. Maybe the thrills of this will divert Rex from tyre chasing to tail chasing! Ouch, sorry about the awful puns....but thanks for the big smiles!

    1. Thank you Anne for a very witty and entertaining comment. I very much hope that Rex will get diverted from cars. When he chases them he is trying to bite their tyres. So this helps to connect rubber with your carchase interruptis. He doesnt need any encouragement to chase Glen.

      Yes indeed, a good sleep is so important for healing.

      All the very best to you and yours.